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Reclaim Your Life

Step into a future shaped by your best hopes and your unique strengths and skills that grow as you begin to notice what works.

Individual Therapy

In Individual therapy clients often take an empowering journey of self-awareness discovering how to improve their life. Together we will gain insight into what has been bothering you and confront obstacles to change and develop skills, which will lead you towards confident decision making and lasting solutions. In my work I find that listening is a powerful tool. I am compassionate, confident, and optimistic and those character traits along with my intuitive nature help me to collaborate with my clients. I am encouraging and approachable. You will have complete confidentiality and you will not be judged. I work with individuals undergoing various personal challenges such as dating and relationship struggles, infidelity, break ups or divorce, parenting, career issues, sexual concerns, quarter and mid-life crisis, addictions, family problems, step and blended families, depression, anxiety, stress management, bereavement and more. My clients leave counseling sessions feeling happier and lighter than when they arrived. After therapy has concluded they feel more confident in their ability to manage problems. They feel stronger, more self-aware and capable knowing that what changed for them during the counseling process has to do with the skills that they possess and can use for the rest of their lives.

Couples and Family Therapy

Family therapy can help strengthen family bonds while improving interactions and day to day life. We help families from all ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. We provide services to both heterosexual and same sex headed families and couples. Family therapy is a way of treating emotional difficulties and crisis by working with the entire family rather than the individual. The focus of the therapy is on developing a deeper understanding of each person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior within the family framework. In this way the family connects and family resources strengthen, helping family members to work collaboratively towards solutions to their problems. At Counseling Solutions we help families with problems including, but not limited to, school worries, child and adolescent problems, marital concerns, divorce, bereavement, learning disabilities, family relationships, child abuse and chronic medical illness.

Children & Adolescents

Working with children and adolescents is my greatest joy. I just love to see their growth and improvement. The look in their eyes and the smile on their face when they know they have discovered how to cope with their world, and to see families begin to recognize their child again. I once had a mother tell me "you gave me my son back." No challenge is too big. Bring it on.